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We MUST come together in order to heal.

Stacey left her original fitness businesses because she was struggling behind the scenes with intense PTSD from a sexual assault that occurred in her mid 20’s. This is what made Stacey walk away from it all and start her healing journey. Stacey had what was called dissociative seizures and went on a rabbit hole journey to find a way to heal herself from them. One modality she used was writing. She went to a spoken word workshop and wrote a poem called I AM A Lighthouse. After she wrote this poem the majority of her seizures completely went away. You can listen to the poem audio below. Stacey was healing from her sexual assault right around the time that the Brock Turner case was huge, and survivor Chanel Miller was in court and writing her victim statements. It's her statements and courage that inspired Stacey to start writing and keep healing. 


This also led to Stacey creating a Social Impact Movement surrounding I AM A Lighthouse helping those recovering from trauma and facing adversity by creating councils, sharing tools and resources, and inspiring community events. When Stacey began to share her story online before the #metoo movement her inbox was flooded with women sharing their stories with her and asking her how she healed and what her process is. This also inspired the idea for a Lighthouse Resource Network which is still in development for women to go to to look for ideas and resources and options in recovery. Stacey was blessed to be able to have the finances to explore alternative modalities, alot aren't that lucky. So the larger goal for I am a Lighthouse is that it will provide funds and even sponsorship opportunities for women to have these recovery options that wouldn't be covered by traditional insurance. 


Stacey's personal mission is to release the stigma of the word trauma, teach women of the world self compassion, and introduce solution oriented dialogue that includes men and our young boys into the conversation of how we heal this culture. We are not alone in our experiences and this subject should no longer be taboo. When Stacey speaks about sexual abuse and assault to rooms of women its 70-80 percent of the room that raises their hand or acknowledges they have experienced abuse. Our stats are way underestimated as well as abuse also affects our men, and that is also underreported. It's time we tackle this issue with a wide lens that  involves all genders. While Stacey speaks primarily to women due to her own experience of healing her relationship to the masculine she acknowledges this affects absolutely everyone.


Stacey speaks on podcasts, summits, and stages all over the US about rape culture and trauma resilence. She became a Certified Violence Prevention Specialist with the Non Profit Peace Over Violence where she spoke to the youth and community about domestic, sexual violence as well as topics such as healthy and toxic relationships, power and control, and consent. She also did POV’s Voices over Violence program where she is now certified to speak on behalf of the Non Profit at various sexual assault events such as Take Back the Night, various colleges, the community, law enforcement, and even to trainees of the non profit programs help line and active response teams. Stacey has spoken at International Denim Day and even been interviewed by Akon and alongside greats like Eve Ensler and the Harvey Weinstein survivors being acknowledged for her service with I AM A Lighthouse. Stacey continues her work with Voices over Violence online and has also been a continued private source on high profile sexual assault cases for numerous publications. 


Stacey will soon be creating her own courses specifically for healing sexual assault coupled with breathwork and somatic embodiment practices. Its time we make this way less taboo and realize that if ¾ percent of women have been sexually abused or assaulted we MUST come up with more healing solutions and I believe it takes a village and true community to heal.


If this movement has inspired you in any way and you would like to be involved or even be on the potential board please reach out. As you can see Stacey has alot on my plate and she  knows it’s going to take a team of incredible women to get this completely off the ground. She’d love to meet you! She's looking to put together a multicultural council of incredible women to collaborate on this project together. We MUST come together in order to heal.

Listen to Staceys spoken word poem  “I AM A Lighthouse” here.

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