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Let's Move Together

Available Online or in Home (Marin only)

Strength Training

Yoga Therapy


Somatic Embodiment

Fascial Release

While being taught by the world's most renowned doctors, physical therapists, trainers, nutritionists of our time Stacey brings her own unique integrative and holistic approach to all that she does. Stacey is passionately dedicated to leading the industry in cutting edge trauma informed personal training, therapeutic yoga, and somatic movement through her continuing personal education and research in the field, giving her clients unparalleled personal success. Stacey has trained hundreds of women to overcome plateaus and obstacles, through health challenges and injuries, and mental and emotional blocks to find the optimal health they are seeking through movement. 

Work With Me

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What Clients Say


“Stacey continues to blow me away with her unending passion and dedication she has to me, but it doesn't stop there, she cares about every single individual in her programs. This is so rare to find. She's invested in you and wants you to succeed in your journey just as much as you. Stacey’s knowledge of health, coaching, fitness, and wellness go beyond the “average Jane”. There has never been a time where I’ve seen her stumped as to how to work with a certain injury, illness, or issue. Stacey has helped me change my life, and learn it’s not about just getting “fit” but changing my lifestyle. She has been there through my tantrums, my breakdowns, and helped me work through my eating issues. She knows when you need compassion and knows when you need a mirror of tough love. She knows this because she LISTENS to us, and pays attention to every little detail in what were saying and how were showing up. Stacey is truly a rare gem. She always goes above and beyond to exceed my expectations on every level possible. I’ve been blessed with not only the opportunity to change my life but also the life of my daughter. I am learning so much and I am able to teach my daughter these things and set her up for a lifetime of health instead of instilling negative self talk and bad eating habits at a young age. That is something that is priceless.”
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