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Body Honor

The Body Freedom Method 

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The Everything in One Program to Change Your Life!

Work one on one with Stacey to address how past traumas, body shame and self loathing manifest in the body through health challenges, injuries, illness, and numerous mental and emotional blocks. Stacey teaches you how to embody a new way to regulate your system and look at yourself through eyes of self compassion for all your body has been through, and learning how to truly LISTEN to your bodies varying needs at different phases in your life. Stacey weaves together coaching, breathwork, energy medicine, and movement practices in a revolutionary unique approach to help liberate the body from its past holding patterns and help you actualize your best life mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. 

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Here’s what you can expect from the 120 day program

Body Honor and the Body Freedom Method.

Mental and Emotional Body Support

  • One Weekly 75 minute Coaching call on Zoom

  •  Daily Voxer support

  • Body Honor workbook

  • Weekly Journal prompts

  • AND a 60 minute additional support coaching call from a guest coach (personalized upon the individual )

Physical and Energetic Body Support

  • One Weekly Zoom 60 min Movement Based Call 

  • (Your choice of Fitness, Yoga, Dance, Fascial work or a Blend of all)

  • Movement Routine creation (includes Fitness and Cardiovascular guidance )

  • Nutritional programming assistance

  • Therapeutic yoga, bodywork, and fascia release guidance

  • Weekly Guided Meditations by myself and additional resources

  • Breathwork routine creation and additional resources

  • Energy field work and Energy Medicine

Holistic Coaching Support

Each of the two weekly sessions may blend the modalities of meditation, breath work, movement and somatics, yoga therapeutics, energy work, nutritional body vessel purification check in, elements of sound and light frequency, as well as traditional life coaching and subconscious mind and shadow work . The individual program will always allow for personalization due to circumstances, past coaching experience, and spiritual path.

Real Clients, Real Results

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Incredible Value

The Body Honor Method provides a holistic healing approach supported by proven modalities and systems to change you from the inside out.

The investment is in you.  

Personalized Support For Four Months Would Cost You Over $42,000!

Private Personal Trainer

Private Yoga Instructor

Physical Therapist 

Breathwork Facilitator

Meditation Teacher 

Personal Coach 

Somatic Coach 

Energy Healing 

$16,000 VALUE

$14,000 VALUE

$12,000 VALUE

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Ready to Start

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What Clients Say


“Stacey is not only a coach and a fitness mentor..she is a loving and nurturing soul who makes everyone feel at home in their own skin regardless of size, age, background, trauma stigma etc. Stacey and her Body Honor program came at a time when I had lost touch with my my body and wasn’t treating it with the love and respect it deserved . Working with Stacey, and being surrounded with such strong and beautiful women, I grew to admire and love my body and realize three things: 1. You are never alone on your journey, you just find your tribe 2. You can always start again and/or from anywhere you’re at 3. The Divine Feminine when combined with sincere vulnerability and honesty, is a really, really powerful and incredible thing.”
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