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Stacey has coached and trained some of the top Executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and speakers on their journey to better health and wellness with incredible results. Being in fitness 15 years Stacey now helps executives and entrepreneurs understand just how crucial neurological fitness is. Stacey uses a similar framework for her traditional coaching on emotional intelligence and nervous system regulation but now with an emphasis on productivity, open minded presence and a resilient mind, along with embodied effective leadership. Stacey supports executives through challenges, burn out, overwhelm, short term thinking, reactivity, inability to navigate uncertainty and change…all things that can have costly results as a business. Most of the time we believe mindset is the  issue but the reality is its our nervous system regulation we need to focus on for optimal resilience, productivity, and stress management. Nervous system work is the the key currency for executives to invest in when on the search to become a more effective and proactive leader. 

Results from executive coaching:


  • Ability to regulate and co regulate in stressful situations 

  • Increased emotional intelligence 

  • Ability to receive and constructively act upon feedback

  • Confidence and humility to be open to new possibilities, perspectives and approaches to problems

  • Willingness to know and embrace the unknown and deal with uncertainty

  • Set aside judgements and bias in order to get to truths and the best solutions possible 

  • Handle burn out, overwhelm, triggers and reactivity levels 

  • ncreased willingness to connect with peers and team members on an authentic level 


Executive Coaching Program​ 

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Program Includes:

  • One 75 minute weekly call for 12 weeks 

  • Voxer access Support Between Calls

  • Resilience Nervous System Workbook 

  • Meditation Resources

  • Recorded Breathwork Sessions

  • Somatic Work

Executive Programs

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What Clients Say

-Jennifer (Coach and Global Author/Speaker )

"I came to Stacey to help me with having the confidence to pitch new ideas, expand the ability of what I could hold within my business, as well as  improve my public speaking. Stacey completely transformed how I think about energy and presence and how to embody my full range of self and actualize it into my career. She helped me switch from being content with doing my best to the sky is the limit! Her breathwork is so powerful and brings me to such a grounded authenticity and deep powerful presence. Highly recommended for any executives. Thank you Stacey."

Workshops & Seminars


Hire Stacey for your workshop or event/seminar. Feel free to look at the Speaking page to see some common topics Stacey speaks about or feel free to call her to custom build out what works best for you and your group!

  • Healing Trauma

  • Somatic Embodiment

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Healing From Sexual Assault

  • Co Regulation and Healthy Communication

  • Healing between the Feminine and Masculine

  • Overwhelm and Burnout                                               


  • Body Relationship/Body Honor

  • Dealing with Uncertainty and Navigating change

  • Fitness and Nutrition

  • Meditation and Mindfulness 

  • Energetic Field and Boundaries

  • Health and Wellness

  • Core Wounds and Shadow Work

  • Healing Reactivity

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