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Upcoming Events

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Stacey does a wide range events locally in Marin and will be expanding her reach in other locations in 2023. Stacey commonly does Breathwork, Energy Medicine and Sound Healing workshops with various Sound Healers, has a monthly Womens “Oracle Within” Group, as well as currently teaches weekly Small Group Breathwork Sessions in both Novato and San Anselmo.


Interested in collaborating on an event with Stacey or hiring her for an event? 

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What Clients Say


"It's hard to describe the breathwork and sound healing sessions in actual words. It's definitely an out of body experience, entering a new dimension of spirit and soul. It's like taking a mental bath, leaving you refreshed and physically lighter..I don't know how but I literally get taller each session, I feel like my spine stretches back to normal and so much it releases. The burden of my Stage 3 Cancer feels much lighter, and I am now in acceptance mode. My physical and mental pain has decreased by 60 percent..My spine arthritis from chemo has magically disappeared. I literally feel healed by this frequency. I believe Stacey has helped me connect with my higher self. My daily meditations are much more deep and meaningful. I'm eternally grateful for the energy that is created by these true light healers. "

Upcoming Events

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