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"Stacey is an incredible healer, and I am so grateful to have found her on my journey. I started doing breathwork on my own, but I was really craving to go deeper with a facilitator. When I met Stacey at a local breathwork event, I was instantly drawn to her grounded, wise, and passionate energy and was feeling called to do a private breathwork session with her. In our first session together, it started with me sharing what was currently going on in my life, the blocks I was experiencing, and my dreams. Talking to Stacey, I felt so seen, heard and validated. She held space for everything that was coming through. During the breathwork, she guided me through my personal journey and the whole experience felt so tailored to exactly what I needed during that session. I left feeling lighter, inspired and connected to myself. In the following days, I gained so much clarity, and miracles were manifesting. I had so many "Ah-Hah" moments, and realizations. I know that it would have taken me SO much longer to come to these on my own, which is why I'm so incredibly grateful for Stacey and the way she was able to guide me to them so much quicker, progressing me further on my life path. "

- Sarah

"What I experienced the first time working with Stacey was a miracle and what felt like a rebirth. I am so thankful I found Stacey in my trauma healing journey. In a recent session I had a major breakthrough and I accessed memories that were stuck for decades. I have been doing EMDR as well and felt  this addition was the perfect combination to help me truly let go. I allowed my body to move somatically and release emotions and healed what was one of my most traumatic memories. I could feel my muscles shaking this memory off and restoring my body. I feel so much lighter now. This work is pure magic, it's been absolutely  life changing."


"I’ve been working with Stacey for over the last four months to clear the family trauma I’ve been holding in my body. Stacey is so intuitive she can pinpoint exactly what is needed to release the trauma , clear my field and get the energy flowing smooth again. Working with her has given me an incredible sense of lightness and relief. I am learning how to move and clear my own energy and that is priceless!"


" I came to Stacey to help me with having the confidence to pitch new ideas, expand the ability of what I could hold within my business, as well as  improve my public speaking. Stacey completely transformed how I think about energy and presence and how to embody my full range of self and actualize it into my career. She helped me switch from being content with doing my best to the sky is the limit! Her breathwork is so powerful and brings me to such a grounded authenticity and deep powerful presence. Highly recommended for any executives. Thank you Stacey. "

-Jennifer (Coach and Global Author/Speaker )

"I want to start by saying Stacey is amazing, she is a true Healer and Medicine Woman. I've done all the work, the coaching, the therapy, the womb healing, the childhood regression and was still feeling stuck and blocked. After working with Stacey I'm still receiving activations weeks later and the blockages are gone! Stacey moved me through all the fear and resistance I was still holding in my body. Miracles started happening as she used her hands, energy, channeling, and sound. She is a master at Breathwork and holding space with the drum. I recommend anyone get a session that's feeling stuck or know something is trapped in the body. She is the magic to get you to the other side of it"

-Tracy L.

"I’ve done Ayahuasca and other Plant Medicines and I can honestly say this experience with Stacey, her channeling, energy clearing and breathwork was more profound than any of those other journeys. "


"Its hard to describe the breathwork and sound healing sessions in actual words. It's definitely an out of body experience, entering a new dimension of spirit and soul. It's like taking a mental bath, leaving you refreshed and physically lighter..I don't know how but I literally get taller each session, I feel like my spine stretches back to normal and so much it releases. The burden of my Stage 3 Cancer feels much lighter, and I am now in acceptance mode. My physical and mental pain has decreased by 60 percent..My spine arthritis from chemo has magically disappeared. I literally feel healed by this frequency. I believe Stacey has helped me connect with my higher self. My daily meditations are much more deep and meaningful. I'm eternally grateful for the energy that is created by these true light healers. " 

- Michelle 

"When I took my 80 year old mother to Stacey for an Energy Medicine she was in so much physical pain, barely able to walk..I didn't know what to expect..she ended up feeling so much better! We were shocked that later that night she was walking without her walker!"


“Stacey has been a consistent and bold light of hope and encouragement to me. I have always considered myself a failure when it comes to helping myself and doing good for my body and soul..but through Body Honor I’m now proud of myself; something I don't often feel. She has not only taught me but instilled IN me that it’s ok to forgive yourself and still love and thank your mind, body, and soul even when you perceive yourself to fall short of your “goals”. Because of Body Honor not only do I listen to what my body needs, whether that be rest or movement or cake or kale, but I ACT on what I hear and that is a huge step for me. I used to ignore that voice of what I knew I truly needed and now I trust it. Its even made the communication in my relationship better and even got engaged as I started to do this work!!! I cannot wait to work with Stacey and Body Honor more and see what else is to come in these amazing programs which Stacey tirelessly dedicates herself to.”


“Stacey is not only a coach and a fitness mentor..she is a loving and nurturing soul who makes everyone feel at home in their own skin regardless of size, age, background, trauma stigma etc. Stacey and her Body Honor program came at a time when I had lost touch with my my body and wasn’t treating it with the love and respect it deserved . Working with Stacey, and being surrounded with such strong and beautiful women, I grew to admire and love my body and realize three things: 1. You are never alone on your journey, you just find your tribe 2. You can always start again and/or from anywhere you’re at 3. The Divine Feminine when combined with sincere vulnerability and honesty, is a really, really powerful and incredible thing.”


“As a lifelong overweight person, a new mom with a full time job and all the regular obstacles we all face everyday, starting on the path to good health, wellness, and fitness was a tremendous decision. I would never have made the decision to be healthy and “fit” without knowing that Stacey would be there to coach me every step of the way, not only in fitness and nutrition, but also in the huge psychological and emotional components in this journey. Stacey goes above and beyond the call of a coach and runs the emotional marathon with you. It’s no wonder kindred spirits converge around her, she is truly an inspiration. I know I’m one of many that can say that Stacey has changed my life for the better. She is helping me break generations of old patterns. She's not only given me, but my child and family, the gift of health and self-compassion, and her influence is like a ripple effect that will touch so many more people than just those that work with her.”


“After two devastating personal tragedies, I had gained a substantial amount of weight and was no longer comfortable IN my own body. When I found Stacey I felt like a huge prayer had been answered. Stacey goes above and beyond and took and interest in the “whole” me. She believed in me during this entire process, which ultimately became a transformation. Stacey not only changed my body, but she changed my perspective on health, food, and my body image. Stacey cried tears of joy WITH me during my breakthroughs. Thank you Stacey for helping me rediscover myself again!


“Stacey continues to blow me away with her unending passion and dedication she has to me, but it doesn't stop there, she cares about every single individual in her programs. This is so rare to find. She's invested in you and wants you to succeed in your journey just as much as you. Stacey’s knowledge of health, coaching, fitness, and wellness go beyond the “average Jane”. There has never been a time where I’ve seen her stumped as to how to work with a certain injury, illness, or issue. Stacey has helped me change my life, and learn it’s not about just getting “fit” but changing my lifestyle. She has been there through my tantrums, my breakdowns, and helped me work through my eating issues. She knows when you need compassion and knows when you need a mirror of tough love. She knows this because she LISTENS to us, and pays attention to every little detail in what were saying and how were showing up. Stacey is truly a rare gem. She always goes above and beyond to exceed my expectations on every level possible. I’ve been blessed with not only the opportunity to change my life but also the life of my daughter. I am learning so much and I am able to teach my daughter these things and set her up for a lifetime of health instead of instilling negative self talk and bad eating habits at a young age. That is something that is priceless.”


"Working with Stacy has changed my life in so many ways. I have watched myself grow, and change inside and out. I finally feel like my exterior is glowing like my interior always had, but I needed Stacey to help me realize it was always there in the first place. My biggest transformation was in the kitchen, I finally found balance with my emotional eating habits and learned how to listen to my body and what it needed as fuel and nourishment. It was a long journey full of sweat and even some tears, but I wouldn't change anything about it. I trusted Stacey completely andI’m so appreciative for her being such a huge part of my transformation. "


“Stacey is wise beyond her years. While employing a plethora of tools to effectively guide you through your own unique healing journey, she is committed to making the process transformative for you. We even unlocked something from when I was in 2nd grade that was holding me back!! Stacey is compassionate and invests her whole self into each and every client, the Body Honor program masterfully encompasses self care, fitness, and wellness for the whole body and soul.”


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