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Youth & Teens

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Breathwork for Youth and Teens 

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Stacey has been a youth fitness instructor and educator for over 15 years and is also a kids yoga teacher in academic or community settings. As well as a trauma informed educator for youth at risk. Stacey also does family fitness/yoga as well as family events.


Stacey also had a company called Project GLOW for a brief time in LA where she taught mindfulness, communication, self confidence and self esteem, movement and nutrition to young girls. She had every intention of growing this and then her partner had to move back mid west. It has always been on her heart but it was a project that got sidelined. The results from this program were amazing! 


Kids now more than ever need guidance getting back into their groove personally and socially. Stacey loves working with youth and kids in any kind of fitness/movement/yoga or breathwork capacity and is even looking to do more group activities especially for girls. 



Privately Stacey works with both boys or girls or non identifying, for workshops though she finds the biggest breakthroughs happen in non co-ed environments where they can share problems uniquely to them and feel completely heard, seen and understood. 


Youth and Teens are welcomed to book the breath and energy sessions on the booking page but if you're looking for a more coaching or long term relationship or even a workshop or seminar. Please reach out to book a consult. Private groups are also an option for friend groups


Stacey has also spoken at schools to kids before about breath, nervous system, movement, healthy communication, mindfulness and so much more!


Stacey has also worked with families and children for crystal gridding. You may check out the Crystal gridding services as she has gridded nurseries, childrens rooms and entire houses. Kids absolutely love crystals and she's working on a kids class as we speak!!

For coaching, breathwork, or movement options for youth and teens or the whole family.

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