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Breathwork is an active meditation technique that uses the breath to purge the body and the nervous system of stuck energy and the emotional debri that prevents us from living in our highest alignment, purpose, and joy. The breath bypasses the mind, the stress, and the overwhelm, maximizing healing and transformation so you can find a home in your body and have emotional freedom once again. Stacey is trained in a variety of breathwork techniques and you can discuss together which is best for you. 


Benefits of Breathwork :

~Regulates the Nervous System

~Liberation from Stress

~Processes Stuck Energy and Trauma

~Restores Vitality

~Boosts Immune System

~Increases Self Awareness

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~Improves Mental Wellbeing

~Releases Toxins

~Promotes Better Sleep

~Improves Digestion

~Reduces Pain

~Increases Connection to Body

Work With Me

Stacey Cooper Coaching LA

For private small groups, classes, or events:

For Public Small Group Sessions

In Novato & San Anselmo::

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Breathwork for Youth and Teens ( Please see Youth and Teens section )

Stacey was a youth fitness instructor and kids yoga teacher as well as had a company for a brief period, Project GLOW ( Girls Learning Overall Wellness ) where she taught mindfulness, healthy communication, confidence, movement, and nutrition. Stacey is available to be contracted for privates, groups, and workshops for youth or family experiences. 



Groups, Classes & Events

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What Clients Say


"Stacey is an incredible healer, and I am so grateful to have found her on my journey. I started doing breathwork on my own, but I was really craving to go deeper with a facilitator. When I met Stacey at a local breathwork event, I was instantly drawn to her grounded, wise, and passionate energy and was feeling called to do a private breathwork session with her. In our first session together, it started with me sharing what was currently going on in my life, the blocks I was experiencing, and my dreams. Talking to Stacey, I felt so seen, heard and validated. She held space for everything that was coming through. During the breathwork, she guided me through my personal journey and the whole experience felt so tailored to exactly what I needed during that session. I left feeling lighter, inspired and connected to myself. In the following days, I gained so much clarity, and miracles were manifesting. I had so many "Ah-Hah" moments, and realizations. I know that it would have taken me SO much longer to come to these on my own, which is why I'm so incredibly grateful for Stacey and the way she was able to guide me to them so much quicker, progressing me further on my life path. 
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