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Crystal Grids

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Crystal Grids

For Home/ Office/ Events

Stacey can do gridding for physical spaces online or locally. Same applies, call for quotes to work within estimated budgets depending on whether I am coming to grid and activate the space or you simply want crystal recommendations. 

Crystal Grid Personal Prescription



Crystal grids are a specific set of stones or crystals laid out in a design, pattern, or sacred geometry for the purpose of manifestation to improve various areas of your life. Stacey will go over:


  • Crystal selection and crystal properties

  • Shapes and qualities of directional stones and amplifiers 

  • Grid sequencing

  • Clearing and setting the grid 

  • Intention and programming of the stones

  • Journaling prompts for heightened manifestation 

  • Activation of the grid


When working with incredibly transformative goals with breathwork, energy work, and coaching, it's nice to have an imprint of the consciousness of all your working towards. Many clients have used grids throughout their program that is activated with their intentions.


Call for quotes whether local or online as there's options for Stacey to work with your budget to create the grid for you or direct you where to buy the items.





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