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Energy Medicine

( Available Online or In Person ) 


Stacey draws on a variety of different modalities and techniques working with your own subtle body energy field along with the collective field. Various energy techniques include chakra clearing, cellular rejuvenation and DNA activation, cord cutting, energetic removals, karmic contracts, past life attachments ( not regression ), clearing phobias, crystal healing. While Stacey prefers not to do psychic readings her Intuitive guidance is given throughout the session in a safe and integrous way to optimize the desired healing. If you are not sure what you want to work on you may book a consult. 


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Energy Medicine Sessions

Work With Me

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Breathwork & Energy Medicine
Combination Sessions


What Clients Say

Tracey L.

"I want to start by saying Stacey is amazing, she is a true Healer and Medicine Woman. I've done all the work, the coaching, the therapy, the womb healing, the childhood regression and was still feeling stuck and blocked. After working with Stacey I'm still receiving activations weeks later and the blockages are gone! Stacey moved me through all the fear and resistance I was still holding in my body. Miracles started happening as she used her hands, energy, channeling, and sound. She is a master at Breathwork and holding space with the drum. I recommend anyone get a session that's feeling stuck or know something is trapped in the body. She is the magic to get you to the other side of it"

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