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Breathe   Feel   Move   Awaken

Healing is Possible

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Resilience Coach and Somatic Educator 

Breathwork Facilitator and Energetic Guide

Movement Practitioner and Integration Mentor

Stacey Cooper


I have spent years and thousands of dollars jumping from doctor, to coach, to therapist to healer…I was completely exhausted from the medical, coaching, and especially the healing “industry”. I found myself almost more traumatized than when she started.. So I  dove in and decided to heal MYSELF. After 10 years of my own journey of putting together the pieces that truly matter for alchemical healing I’m sharing my methods and programs that helped me navigate debilitating disassociate seizures, depression, burnout, overwhelm, disordered eating, anxiety, chronic illness, and extreme isolation from years of trauma. I walked away from 2 six figure businesses and what people thought was a “perfect” life to begin this inner journey and now I’m here to help others. You. I aim to be walking permission for everyone to choose to be their OWN healer and know that healing is possible for each and every one of us. I’m proof you CAN come out on the other side of being lost, confused, stuck and unsure how to move through your pain and trauma into a life you never imagined.


Sometimes you just need someone there with the right keys to help you intuitively unlock the door where you’ve gotten in your own way and trapped yourself in patterns you just can't seem to get out of no matter how hard you try. I  can take you to the places you’ve been afraid to look or given up hope and help you realize you can create a different outcome. It comes from going deep within and pulling out that pain and having the bravery to integrate it, and literally rewiring how you think, feel, move, and breathe. I  uses proven modalities and have created incredible frameworks, systems and methods for alchemizing your past traumas and regulating your nervous system back to its optimal state, allowing for all your deepest desires to actualize! yes, all of them! 

  • Freedom from emotional & physical pain

  • Healthy body and weight, and nourished vital life force

  • Feeling on purpose and completely inspired by your mission and/or career

  • Beautifully aligned friendships and love in your life

yes, this is All Possible!

  • No longer powerless to finances, money, and its fickle cycles

  • Actually enough time in your life to have joy and creativity as priorities

  • Feeling like you still know who you are and are deeply devoted to your own journey outside your roles of mother, wife, partner, friend, daughter

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What Clients Say


What I experienced the first time working with Stacey was a miracle and what felt like a rebirth. I am so thankful I found Stacey in my trauma healing journey. In a recent session I had a major breakthrough and I accessed memories that were stuck for decades. I have been doing EMDR as well and felt  this addition was the perfect combination to help me truly let go. I allowed my body to move somatically and release emotions and healed what was one of my most traumatic memories. I could feel my muscles shaking this memory off and restoring my body. I feel so much lighter now. This work is pure magic, it's been absolutely  life changing.
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